We use cutting edge, 3D technology by SprintRay to provide high quality, affordable aligners that won’t leave you waiting for weeks! Your aligner will be ready the next day, and in some cases we can even have it done for you in the same day!

Digital Dentistry At Oneida Park Dental Studio

Digital technology has changed the landscape of every industry and dentistry is no longer on the side lines of this revolution.

Dental offices can now incorporate computer-assisted technology on many levels, from digital archives and patient education to cutting-edge optical impression systems and same-day restoration treatments. At Oneida Park Dental Studio, we pride ourselves on providing our patients the latest in dental technology in order to make dentistry more comfortable for our patients.

In-office dental 3D printing helps improve the efficiency and affordability for dental practices. We are proud to bring this technology to our office and feel that 3D printing enables better responsiveness to our patient needs.

If you or a family member needs an aligner, please call the office to make an appointment and we will get your customized aligner for you ASAP!